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Eclat Cortex Chamber Front Wheel

Eclat Cortex Front Hub with Eclat Chamber Sleeved Rim
149,00 CHF

Eclat Pulse Front Wheel

Eclat Pulse Front Hub with Eclat Trippin Straight Rim
160,00 CHF

Fiend Cab Front Wheel

inkl. Hubguards
179,00 CHF

Primo VS N4FL V2 14mm Front Wheel

inkl. Hubguards
184,00 CHF

Primo Remix Balance Rear Wheel

289,00 CHF 248,00 CHF

Shadow Conspiracy BMX Optimized Freecoaster Wheel

Includes plastic non-drive hub guard
279,00 CHF

Shadow Conspiracy BMX Symbol Frontwheel

Shadow Symbol Front Wheel
174,00 CHF

Shadow Conspiracy BMX Symbol Rearwheel

Shadow Symbol Rear Wheel mit 9T Driver
265,00 CHF