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Animal Butcher Peg

Joe "butcher" Kowalski signature peg incl. Replacement Sleeve.
25.00 CHF

BSD Crack Pipe Peg

4140 Cromo super tough street pegs
18.00 CHF

BSD Rude Tube Peg

Dan Paley signature peg
26.00 CHF

BSD Rude Tube XL Peg

Dan Paley signature XL peg
26.00 CHF

BSD Unit Peg

Kriss Kyle signature peg
18.00 CHF

Cult Butter Nylon Peg

1 complete Peg
18.00 CHF

Cult Butter Nylon Peg Replacement Sleeve

1 Replacement Sleeve
7.00 CHF

Cult Butter Nylon Peg with Sleeve

1 complete Peg and 1 Replacement Sleeve
25.00 CHF

Cult Doomsday Peg

Heat treated Chromoly Peg
15.00 CHF

Eclat BMX Venom Peg

a two-piece steel/plastic design
25.00 CHF

Eclat Nathan Peg

18.00 CHF

KHE Alchemy Pegs

Extra lightweight peg with small extra strong steel inserts
19.00 CHF

Kink Drift Nylon Peg Replacement Sleeve

Durable and Replaceable Nylon Composite Sleeve
8.00 CHF

Odyssey M-Pegs

4140 Heat-treated for fast grinding and long wear. 3 anti-roll holes with pin.
19.00 CHF

Primo Binary LT V2 Peg

Light V2 peg
14.00 CHF

Primo Binary V2 Nylon Peg

6000 series aluminum inner peg with nylon sleeve. Each peg includes 1 extra replacement nylon sleeve.
20.00 CHF

Primo Binary V2 Plastic Peg Replacement Sleeve

Replacement sleeve for Primo V2 PL peg.
7.00 CHF

Stranger BMX Logo Nylon Peg

CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum inner peg. 1 complete Peg and 1 Replacement Sleeve.
20.00 CHF

Superstar Micro Peg

heat treated cr-mo
9.00 CHF

United BMX Nylon Peg

Thinner cromo base peg for added strength Thicker low friction abrasion resistant replaceable nylon sleeve.
22.00 CHF