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Apex Headset

41.30 CHF

Ethic DTC Grips

13.30 CHF

Flavor Pro Flexfender Brake

A light flex fender brake with rubber pad for minimizing noise on impact.
9.80 CHF

Hella Grip Classic Logo Jake Sorensen Griptape

Jake Sorensen Signature Colorway
9.80 CHF

Lucky Flex Brake

Flex Fender Brake
13.30 CHF

Proto Baby Midnight SCS Clamp

Alex Steadman Sign V2
55.30 CHF

Proto Gripper Brandon Kilbury Wheel

PROTO - Gripper 110mm Brandon Kilbury Sig. (Blue On Grey)
31.50 CHF

Proto Gripper Elmer Ferreiras Wheel

PROTO - Gripper 110mm Elmer Ferreiras Sig. (Marron On Silver)
31.50 CHF

Proto Gripper Shema Cardenas Wheel

PROTO - Gripper 110mm Chema Cardenas Sig. V2 (Blood Red)
31.50 CHF

Proto Gripper Wheel Black on Blue

ROTO - Gripper 110mm
30.10 CHF

Proto Wax

2.80 CHF


Clamp Shim - 1-3/8" to 1-1/4"
4.90 CHF