About Us

Lauterbach BMX, founded 2005. Single ompany, registered on Steffen Lauterbach. Company headquarters Gümligen near Bern. Since 12/2018 we are a private Onlinestore.

VAT-ID (UID): CHE-112.381.519 VAT

We are a family business and a pure mail order company. There is no possibility to pick up the goods personally, unless they contact us personally. In our five-member family, all members of the family help to carry out day-to-day shipping. In addition to the BMX mail order, which we run as a sideline, we still go to the main office work and the children to school or high school. This is why we can not accept telephone calls. You can reach us at any time by email. Long-term customers also have our telephone number and can communicate with us via various Messanger.

We specialize in the shipping of parts suitable for BMX bikes. With us one finds suitable attachments, spare parts, small parts or also special single complete bikes. All goods, which can be added to the shopping cart, are also available. However, our warehouse does not have a lot of goods as a small company, so we have spare parts in limited quantity.

If you want to order larger quantities, we can organize this. There were times when we sold several hundred BMX bikes a year. At the moment, we prefer to limit ourselves to smaller quantities.

We make our prices fair and they are little profit oriented. In the quantities we import, of course, we do not always have the best purchase prices. But due to our very lean company structure, we have little additional costs and can thus make without great surcharges for intermediaries and resellers, the Priest very moderate. Of course everyone in America can buy cheaper. American companies without any social policies, employees' rights, etc. operate worldwide price dumping. Manufacturers are usually active in the market in double function. As manufacturer and wholesale distributor. The wholesale distributors or the manufacturers operate their own onlineshops for end customers with a narrow profit margin. The problems come now, if times as a European importer wants to buy there, one gets the normal profit margin, with which in America the end customers can buy. In the era of globalization, however, everyone can now buy in America as an end customer and will therefore always be priced below the EU level. To completely ignore the Swiss level, because we then have to pay EU imports once again. There are, of course, also cheap European large-scale vendors with partly reasonable prices. This is because they have the possibility to buy directly in Taiwain or China, where the goods are manufactured. But this can only be done if you buy containers. And this exceeds our capacities.

If it is not really worthwhile, why do we do it anyway? Because we enjoy it, we enjoy it and keep our small company running for more than 10 years. There were ups and downs. But we remain on the ball. If they buy with us, they do not support a Fimenbosse with high bonus payments. You buy from an honest Swiss small business, which returns the bulk of the low profit as taxes to the country. We will not get involved with their purchase. We also support various BMX riders in Switzerland and in the surrounding area also various other families and children with various goods and donations. Maybe they know a really good BMX rider in Switzerland, ask them if he has already got support from us. If not, it may be high time :)